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A tribute to independent women


Caesar Mellons, having spent years working and living in both the US and Europe, is now back in the UK where most of his writing is set.

His writing is edgy, explicitly erotic and both character and plot-driven, with quirky twists throughout, even within the shorter pieces.

A lot of his work develops around a central theme which pays homage to driven, independent and sexually self-empowered women, especially to those more experienced, mature and worldly-wise. He attempts to present it all thoughtfully, yet without pulling any salacious or lewd punches.

Similarly, none of the characters, female or male, is a non-complicit participant. The women he writes about tend to be self-assured or powerful, yet can be manipulative and adaptable while, even when yielding under pressure, are never completely subjugated – there are no victims.

All these characters reflect contemporary realities, challenging taboos and often unconsciously mirroring Freud’s adage: The only unnatural sexual behavior is none at all. They may be driven by compulsive urges, or have suffered challenging circumstances in their lives. Importantly, none are under-age and nobody comes to harm, mentally or physically.

Invariably, the women depicted, all of whom have their own agendas, are variously represented as either protagonist or adversary. Whichever, their points of view are valid in their worlds and no authorial moral judgements prevail.

Despite the settings being most often based in the British Isles, his work is presented in U.S. English, and the terminology is usually American as well, apart from the occasional exceptions where it might jar in dialogue. (For example: a normal resident of these islands who might refer to the bonnet or boot of a car as the hood and trunk would be regarded as either pretentious or a bit of a nutcase.)

Of course, we all make mistakes, so please forgive C M for any that slip through.